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10 Hotels For The Active Traveler

With February here already, there’s only 10 more months to make good on that New Year’s resolution to stay fit. It can be difficult to work toward your health-centric goal when traveling, but your nutrition kick doesn’t have to be put on hold. Whether your goal is to eat healthier or get in touch with your inner Zen, there’s a vacation spot for you; our Forbes Travel Guide team found a handful of hotels that cater to everyone from runners and yogis to vegans and healthy eaters. These 10 resorts will help you stick to your get-fit resolution.

Top Chefs On 2014 Food Trends

It seems that everyone these days is a self-proclaimed foodie. Gone are the days of having to explain what truffles are or what a medium-rare steak should look like. Each year, more trends pop up in the culinary world—for better or worse. In order to stay on top of everything that’s going on in the delicious realm of gastronomy, we chatted with six Forbes Travel Guide Tastemakers to get their take on what to expect next year, from ingredients to foodie destinations.

Holiday Shopping Trips To Take This Season

With the holiday season now officially in full swing, there’s one must-do activity on everyone’s mind: shopping. Picking out the perfect presents for friends and family can be a tedious task—and an exhausting one if you don’t find what you’re looking for right away. Instead of approaching your holiday shopping as an arduous undertaking, opt instead to make a trip out of it, to a luxury hotel, no less. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors scoped out five hotels prime for a credit card workout, offering everything from guided shopping tours to impeccable locations just steps from some of the world’s best retail districts.

10 Top Hotels For Thanksgiving Getaways

As Thanksgiving creeps closer, the stress of spending hours upon hours in the kitchen preparing a seemingly endless feast starts to ramp up. Everyone has some sort of Turkey Day tradition, but doesn’t it seem much more appealing to cozy up in a luxurious hotel and have the hard work done for you? All you have to do is sit back, relax and eat as much turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes as you can. Our Forbes Travel Guide editors scouted 10 hotels across the country that relieve you of Thanksgiving stress—and the post-dinner cleanup.

10 Festivals To Taste This Fall

Fall has officially taken over—at least according to the calendar—and it’s time to trade in the summery indulgences (juicy watermelon, refreshing rosé) for heartier fare. With that comes a handful of can’t-miss culinary festivals that showcase famous chefs, well-known wineries and delectable food this season. Whether you’re craving Basque Country cuisine or have a hankering for some good old Southern fare, our Forbes Travel Guide editors have a festival for you, from San Sebastian to South Carolina.

How To Vacation Like Five-Star Chef Thomas Keller

If you’ve already conquered Thomas Keller’s casual Ad Hoc and his exclusive French Laundry (or are still on the months-long waiting list for the Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star restaurant), another Wine Country foodie adventure awaits—a vacation designed by the master chef himself.