Last Minute Afternoon Tea

Last Minute Afternoon Tea Here are some of the most common mistakes travelers make when visiting a place for the first time. Planning ahead can save time and avoid hassles that could ruin your trip. Although getting lost is sometimes fun it could be stressful especially when you only have limited time. London for instance can overwhelm you with so many amazing things to explore such as shopping centres, pubs, and museums. But if you don’t plan your visit well, you might find yourself rushing to cram-in a last minute afternoon tea or miss an experience you wished you had when you’re in the city.

Many people over plan their trips to ensure making the most of their time in the city. In London there are so many things to do and see but planning too much might only leave you failing to enjoy the city at its best. First thing you need to consider when arriving is to have a rest. It’s normal to feel excited and wanting to explore the place immediately however if you’re dealing with jet lag or have been travelling for hours your enjoyment will be little because you are tired. Remember vacation is for you to relax not to be exhausted.

Research the places you plan to visit. You can use CityMapper app or Google Maps to see how long it’s going to take to travel between places. Pick close-by areas to explore and see if you can walk to the next. This way you’ll have more time to explore the area rather than spending time searching for directions.

Leave time for discoveries. Don’t depend too much on travel adverts as there are many hidden gems to discover along the way. For instance, you can walk around Trafalgar Square or Leicester Square and see a museum or spent a couple of hours window shopping. There are many places to eat and drink that are not on the first page of an internet search but are really amazing.

Speaking of refreshments, take time to find a place for afternoon tea to complete your London experiences. It’s a popular English tradition that had been practiced for centuries by Londoners and by visitors. There are many places that offers afternoon tea but of course you’ll want to try the best rather than jumping in to any tea shop to have a last minute afternoon tea.

A time saving plan is to combine your afternoon tea experience with other experiences. For instance, this Afternoon Tea Cruise combo. A day to explore the beautiful attractions of The River Thames whilst enjoying a selection of sandwiches and scones with a tea of your choice.