Cheap Easter Breaks

Easter breaks… yes Easter is coming; it’s a long-weekend to celebrate with our family and friends.  But what are there to do if shops and pubs close? Spending Easter breaks with family looking for hidden Easter eggs is certainly not fun. If you haven’t decided yet on what to do, here are exciting ideas for cheap Easter breaks that you can grab for fun this weekend.

As I rush to work this morning, a huge bunny mascot caught my attention… (Those perky little bunnies are early this year)   It seems to advertise a newly opened shop nearby. This bunny caught everyone’s attention with kids taking photos with him. The bunny reminds me of Easter breaks gone by and that I’d like to relax this year and have a family bonding. It’s the second year to celebrate with my boy Parker so I want it to be unforgettable for all of us.

Cheap Easter Breaks: Fun and Practical Ideas from Mom

cheap easter breaks

For me holiday means relaxation.  This year I will start early with Thursday a pamper day, those tender warm pressure massages are great to relieve the deepest muscle tensions and pains. I’m trying lava shell massage at Courthouse Hotel. A great activity for relaxation, then followed by a body cleanse at a sauna after my body is submerged at a hydrotherapy pool followed by a light lunch.

Escape from the City on Friday towards woodland at Dumbleton Hall welcomed us with fresh air from the woods and lake.  I adore nature views… I love the sound that the leaves create as they are blown by the wind. The soft mesmerizing voice of birds too is peaceful. Apart from the views, the place really amazed me with their splendid food and plenty of things to explore including the museums of old castles and the historic surroundings. I could not ask anything more for me and my two boys.

Saturday is focused more on Parker’s interest. Kids do love animals. We are zoo keepers for the day, preparing the animal’s meals and snacks, and experience behind the scene of wildlife park, with our Parker exploring it at Darmoor Zoo in Devon. It will be his first time to see several animals such as tigers, birds and reptiles.  James and I are both really excited for him; Parker likes animals and seeing him happy is a great treat for us.

An activity day waits for James on Sunday, with mom and child bonding for Parker and me. James is an adventurous type; likes those hearts stopping moments. Getting wet and soaring across the Solent Bay on a RIB adventure with a high-speed inflatable boat gives him the thrills of a wild ride he wanted. The thought of it also gives me that pumping heart beat, but what could be more fun for a mother than having a solo day with her baby? Parker and I are having great time at the top of the world at The Shard.  Spectacular view from above! The glass tower gives illusion as if we’re standing in a cloud and see the whole city from the sky. It is really awesome to see London’s pictures of past, present and future. Who would not be amaze to witness the city in 360 degree from the naked eye from the high-speed kaleidoscope view? Great mother and child bonding for us.   Parker and I are stealing off to the Shard to look over London from high in the air and take in the 360 degree view, a great mother and son bonding opportunity.

cheap easter breaks

Before we go back to reality; rushing to workplace and fatigue once again, I’d like to spend a simple yet elegant day. The inviting classic tasty smell of freshly baked sandwiches and the thought of scones jams melted in my mouth are irresistible. We chose to end our Easter break with afternoon tea for two at the Ritz special offer . I feel like an executive in their elegant decoration and refreshing ambiance.

There is no reason for boredom to strike on Easter breaks, especially if you can enjoy a cheap Easter breaks with your family. It’s fabulous, fun, exciting and full of joy, it all matters on how you choose to make it. We all need this break after the dull days of winter, all the hard work; it’s a great way to welcome the summer ahead. And traditional afternoon tea is one of the best way to celebrate it. 🙂

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