Best Afternoon Tea London

Best Afternoon Tea London: History and Etiquette

best afternoon tea london
Keeping traditions could be hard. But who would have thought that London afternoon tea could be so popular at present? Unwind from a stressful day with exquisite, delightful and best afternoon tea London experience .

This was introduced by a Portuguese missionary in the 16th century. Thanks to Anna Russell, the 7th Dutchess of Bedford who made the London afternoon tea popular when she started drinking the tea every afternoon with some snacks.

She would call friends over and nibble some sandwich even while walking. She developed this habit until it became a popular afternoon delight everybody knows. Catherine Braganza made this known up to the British Royal House.

Drinking tea in the afternoon is a custom the queen of England, Elizabeth II, is said to uphold every day stopping at hotels or delightful tea houses even when abroad.

best afternoon tea London

Tea was a luxury drink in 1660s and 70s. It was considered to be an exotic drink since it came from an exotic country, China who monopolizes tea production. But Britain stopped trading with China I’m a bit unsure on why and started growing tea  in India, a colony where Britain could dictate what should be grown.

In the 18th century the price of tea came down allowing everyone to consume the beverage although many suggested it had addictive qualities and had side effects similar  to alcohol.

Best Afternoon Tea London: Why do people love the experience?

The experience should be leisurely, elegant, and relaxing, giving everyone who participates a feeling of joy whether with friends or business colleagues. They can talk about anything they want and enjoy food tasters to accompany the beverage that stimulates.

The food are usually served in a three-tiered rack. All bite-sized food and sweet desserts are put on the top one, which is the third tier.

The middle or the second tier is for the scones while the bottom, known as the first tier holds sandwiches.

best afternoon tea london

Well, so how do we take tea properly?

We always show proper etiquette when we take tea especially when in front of people and it’s also an opportunity to impress as a host.

But just knowing the right etiquette, showing good table manners will always make a good impression.

Remember these “Not to Do” lists:

  1. Do not cradle the cup with fingers.
  2. Do not fill the cup to the rim.
  3. Do not stir the cup creating clinking noise from the teaspoon.
  4. Never eat anything as to what you want. Always eat the food in order as follows: sandwich, scones and the last one, sweets.
  5. Pour tea first before the milk.
  6. Lastly, but most importantly, never raise any fingers while pouring or drinking the afternoon tea. It shows you have no table manners at all.

This experience is by far one of the best afternoon tea London is offered by several very special English tea shop; it soothes your soul and relaxes your mind. So make it your habit to drink delightful tea in the afternoon.

You will feel the difference once you have savored it.

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